The Stay at Roam Dad

Since the very first time I roamed the woods freely I knew it would be all I ever wanted. To wander, free, under trees and through streams. Up and down hills, through fields and valleys. As I grew and learned more about the world, saw photos of other people's bold adventures, that desire grew into a passion for the outdoors. I will never forget my first time seeing the Rocky Mountains. The sight of such a landscape was profoundly inspiring to me. To know that such places existed was tantalizing. I'd spend the next decade learning all about the Earth and it's many landscapes, peoples, and their interactions. Exploring areas I'd always dreamt of, and feared I'd never get to see. Finding my way to create, and explore.

My passion for the outdoors inspired me to settle down in the town of Bend, Oregon. With access to all the mighty landscapes and climate types one could ask for, we hope to teach our children to love and respect these landscapes as we have. As we venture down this path of parenthood, I'm hoping to keep myself inspired to be outdoors, and to continue to roam aimlessly as I once did.

Please enjoy my work. If any particular image captivates you enough to hang it on your wall, I do hope you will consider supporting my art. I take great care to ensure the highest of quality in my fine art photography, and the prints available on this website reflect that commitment to quality. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any and all questions that arise as you embark on the art purchasing process!